Luther: Confession

“It is for this reason that I have taught the people, and everybody ought to teach it, that they should fear God, and after they have diligently confessed, say to him with David, “Behold, dear Lord, I have confessed this sin and that, but thy judgments are secret and terrible; if thou wilt enter into judgment with me I shall never stand, no matter what I do. For who can know all his sins? Therefore, I flee from thy judgment to thy grace and pray that thou wilt cleanse me from all my unknown sins.” In this way the people can learn to find comfort in God’s grace and not in their own contrition, confession, and satisfaction…” (“Defense and Explanation of All the Articles” (1521), LW 32, pg 43).


One thought on “Luther: Confession

  1. I posted this portion of Luther’s defense of Article 8 because here he really gets at the nature of God’s grace in simple, prayerful words. A good witness to Luther’s pastoral care.

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