Theological Fragments: Justification’s Role in Theology

“The fact that we do not receive the full impact of the doctrine of justification in the church’s mission is due to our failure to use it thoroughly and consistently. At its core, the doctrine threatens all self-defense before God. If the doctrine is to be permitted to have its effect, then it must be freed from our theological and ecclesiastical defenses” (Mark C. Mattes, The Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology, pg 3).


One thought on “Theological Fragments: Justification’s Role in Theology

  1. How true.

    There is a lot of talk I suppose on justification but less so on its USE. Justification of the ungodly by faith apart from the deeds of the Law for the sake of Christ crucified must be consistently proclaimed so as to end the antithetical position of the Law. Only then can the Church as the creatura evangelii can deliver the Good News which kills the old beings and make alive the new beings, as the ambassadors of the world to come.

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