Theological Fragments: The Heart of Christianity

“This is the true meaning of Christianity, that we are justified by faith in Christ, not by the works of the Law. Do not let yourself be swayed here by the wicked gloss of the sophists, who say that faith justifies only when love and good works are added to it. …When a man hears that he should believe in Christ, but that faith does not justify unless this ‘form,’ that is, love, is added, then he quickly falls from faith and thinks to himself: ‘If faith does not justify without love, then faith is in vain and useless, and love alone justifies; or unless faith is formed and adorned by love, it is nothing.'”

–Martin Luther, Lectures on Galatians (1535), LW 26, 136.


One thought on “Theological Fragments: The Heart of Christianity

  1. Carl E. Braaten

    I have only a very brief comment. I have read this fragment from Luther many times. I think it would be better to express the true meaning of Christianity this way: “We are justified by Christ through faith.”

    Carl E. Braaten

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