Theological Fragments: The necessary hiddenness

“The possibility of setting up an unmixed congregation of true believers was ruled out, not so much by the human weakness of the Wittenbergers as by vital theological considerations. The attempt to create a pure church is an attempt to circumvent the necessary hiddenness of God’s people. The small, despised, community of faith, the faithful remnant of true believes gathered around the appointed signs, once it set itself apart from (above?) the wider mixed community and pronounces itself the ‘Church’ becomes by that very act the proud self-exalting Church which glorifies in its birthright; the ‘false church’ par excellence.”

–Jonathan Trigg, Baptism in the Theology of Martin Luther, 183

One thought on “Theological Fragments: The necessary hiddenness

  1. Fr. Gregory Collins OSB

    Excellent quotation from Trigg –

    Good application of the theologia crucis to ecclesiology,fine statement of why the Church has to be genuinely “catholic” and not just a holy club or sect, and also of the church as a gathered assembly convoked around/for the sacraments of the Gospel…

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