Luther Refracted

THE REFORMER’S ECUMENICAL LEGACY, ed. Piotr J. Małysz & Derek R. Nelson

Luther refracted.jpg

Luther Refracted speaks to the currency that Luther’s life and thought continue to enjoy in today’s Christian reflection. The contributors, representing a variety of Christian denominations, demonstrate Luther’s lasting impact on their own traditions and, together with the Lutheran respondents, encourage a fresh understanding of the Reformer. In their at times vigorous engagement, Luther’s legacy comes to light not only as variously received but also as contradicted, and transformed, only to reemerge as a fruitful leaven for further thought and transformation. All the essays presented here witness to Luther’s significance as a formidable doctor ecclesiae, a teacher of the church.


Listen to Timothy George’s interview with Piotr Małysz:




  1. Catholic Encounters with Martin Luther by Jared Wicks, SJ (Pontifcal College Josephinum)
  2. Spirituality, Ontology, and the Church: A Response to Jared Wicks by Piotr J. Małysz (Samford University)
  3. ‘The’ vs. ‘All’: Baptist Appropriations of Martin Luther’s Universal Priesthood by Brian C. Brewer (Baylor University)
  4. Angels of Light: Luther’s Liturgical Attack on Christendom by Matthew Myer Boulton (Christian Theological Seminary)
  5. Exocentric Ministry and Worship: A Response to Brian Brewer and Matthew Boulton by Derek R. Nelson (Wabash College)
  6. Martin Luther’s Deus Theologicus by David Tracy (University of Chicago)
  7. Much Ado About Nothing: The Necessary Non-Sufficiency of Faith by Matt Jenson (Biola University)
  8. Is Faith Really a Gift? A Response to David Tracy and Matt Jenson by Ted Peters (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary)
  9. “Return to Your Baptism Daily”: Baptism and Christian Life by Susan K. Wood (Marquette University)
  10. “Every one must fight his own battle with death by himself, alone”: What this Episcopalian Learned from Martin Luther by Randall C. Zachman (University of Notre Dame)
  11. The Threat of Death, the Promise of Baptism, and the Vocational Form of Justification: A Response to Susan Wood and Randall Zachman by Ian A. McFarland (University of Cambridge)
  12. Luther’s Principle of sola scriptura in Recent Ecumenical Discussion by Johannes Zachhuber (University of Oxford)
  13. Learning from Luther: Reformed Appropriations and Differentiations by Anna Case-Winters (McCormick Theological Seminary)
  14. Scripture as Matrix, Christ as Content: A Response to Johannes Zachhuber and Anna Case-Winters by Paul R. Hinlicky (Roanoke College)


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